"I am extremely impressed and very pleased with the services provided by the Second Opinion team. I am amazed at how much we have received and we really didn't have to do much. Second Opinion did everything!!"
-Sandra D. (Hampton, GA)

"Top of the line service, could not have been better!"
-Ted C. (Long Beach Light, NJ)

"Overall it was great. I have a busy job and wouldn’t have had the bandwidth to keep pursuing the insurance company. It’s a very efficient way of managing a claim."
-David B. (Atlanta, GA)

"Bruce is an absolutely amazing adjuster! He did extensive research and fought an amazing, relentless battle against Allstate. Unfortunately, we did not have a good outcome because Allstate is a horrible company. There was nothing more that Bruce could have done. I even ran the case by a lawyer and she said that Bruce laid out a case that was better than any lawyer could have done! She was truly impressed and so was I!"
-Lori S. (Mooresville, NC)

-Jose G. (Suwanee, GA)

"Thankful for all the hard work and time that the Second Opinion staff put in on my case."
-Annie O. (Atlanta, GA)

"I believe that Bruce thoroughly knows his craft. I think he is such a heavy weight that insurance companies hate dealing with him. He deserved every fee my wife and I paid him."
-Christopher O. (Conley, GA)

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