What You Should Know

If you’ve suffered property damage because of a fire, flood or other disaster, then there are some things you should know before attempting to deal with your insurance provider. Here’s a list of the things we wish every property owner knew before entering negotiations with their insurance carrier.

Your Insurance Company Isn’t on Your Side

This is perhaps the most difficult things for people to understand. After all, they’ve paid their policy premiums faithfully for years to ensure that if disaster strikes, the insurance company would pay out a fair settlement so they could rebuild their lives. But the truth is that insurance providers are businesses, and they exist to make a profit. They do that by paying out as little in settlements as they can. That’s where we come in. At Second Opinion Claims Services, we understand how to negotiate with the insurance companies to ensure that our clients don’t have to settle for a penny less than what they’re owed.

Not All Policies are the Same

It’s a common misperception that most insurance policies are basically the same, but that’s simply not the case. There are many different types of policies, and when negotiating with the insurance companies, it’s imperative that you understand the details of them. Unfortunately for most insured people, the policies are written in industry jargon that can be difficult to understand. The experts at Second Opinion Claims Services are studied in the insurance jargon and will thoroughly evaluate your policy before ever having a conversation with the insurance carrier.

You Don’t Have to Accept Their Offer

Many people assume that when an insurance company gives them a settlement amount, it’s non-negotiable. But that’s simply not true. At Second Opinion Claims Services, we will work hard to negotiate with your insurance company and get a settlement amount that will help you rebuild your life. In fact, we are typically able to get 200 percent more in payouts for our clients.

Call us Now

If you’re dealing with an insurance company on a property damage claim, you need help. We make it our business to help our clients by ensuring proper appraisals, negotiating with insurance companies and giving reliable referrals to honest contractors. Don’t settle for less than you have to. Call us now and let’s talk about rebuilding your life.