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Winter Weather On Its Way

Frozen pipes, tree collapses, and hail damage can be among the most expensive insurance claims.  How do you prepare in order to avoid experiencing any of theses kinds of losses to your home or property?  Consider these tips when preparing for the winter season ahead. With frozen pipe damage, the best way to prepare is… Read more.

Hurricanes – How to Be Prepared

What is the best way to protect yourself from the dangers of hurricanes?  Preparation.  Hurricanes offer various different threat levels, and knowing how to plan accordingly is crucial in a major storm situation. Develop an action plan.  Do you live in an evacuation zone?  If so, where will you go and how will you get… Read more.

Hurricanes – Coming in Full Force

Hurricanes—also referred to as cyclones and typhoons in the northern Indian Ocean and western Pacific Ocean, respectively—are capable of causing major property damage.  They can reach speeds of over 160 miles per hour, unloading over 2.4 trillion gallons of water as rain in one day. Hurricanes generate enormous amounts of energy by drawing heat from… Read more.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

The arrival of spring means many things. While many are excited about the shower of colors springing up all around, we want to make sure you are ready for whatever this season sends your way. The arrival of spring means the arrival of spring showers. We want to make sure the arrival of spring showers… Read more.

The Cold is Here!

Avoid a frozen pipe by letting your faucets drip overnight! Trust us, they can be a nightmare to deal with!     Posted: 11/18/2014


Let us handle your insurance claim while you focus on rebuilding your life! Contact us today for a Second Opinion! 855-711-7627     Posted: 03/28/2014