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Winter Weather On Its Way

Frozen pipes, tree collapses, and hail damage can be among the most expensive insurance claims.  How do you prepare in order to avoid experiencing any of theses kinds of losses to your home or property?  Consider these tips when preparing for the winter season ahead.

With frozen pipe damage, the best way to prepare is to know how to stop the flow of water and locate the shut-off valve in the event of a burst pipe.  Being able to respond quickly by being prepared can keep damage from worsening.

In order to avoid damage from a tree collapse, it is recommended that you inspect the condition of trees and vegetation on your property, and trimming any of those that seem weak or unstable.  This sort of practice can be adopted regularly in order to avoid damage to your vehicles, home, or other property.

After a large hail storm, inspect the roof for damage, or consider hiring a specialist to inspect the roof for you.  The sooner you can detect damage, the sooner you can file a claim, and the sooner steps can be taken to minimize the damage.  Your hail damage claim does not have to slow you down if you know how to respond if you are affected.

If you suffer from any of these claims, find out more information on each of the individual claim pages for each of these (tree collapses reflect fallen object claims).  Should you be affected by any of these costly events, contact our office and we will help you through the process.  You should not feel like you are alone in the confusion.  Our expert adjusters are eager to walk with you through the claims process, and to ensure that you are fairly compensated for any covered loss that you may face.

Posted: 12/04/2015

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