At Second Opinion Claims Services, we believe that the more you understand your insurance policy, the better you’ll be able to put it to good use for you. On our resources page, we offer you some things that will you put you ahead of the pack in terms of knowledge. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find on these pages.

Weather Radar
During storm season, it’s vital that you keep up with what’s happening with the weather in your local area. We make it easy by providing a real-time weather radar tool that you can access 24/7.

Storm Preparation Tips
If you prepare your home and family before a storm hits, you’ll likely have an easier time both during and after the bad weather. Read our storm preparation tips to learn how to prepare before the storm hits.

Glossary of Insurance Terms
Insurance policies are difficult enough to understand, and unless you have a clear understanding of the industry terms used in them, you’ll quickly get lost. We’ve provided a glossary of insurance terms that you can use to decipher your own policy.

Understanding Your Policy
It’s critical that you have at least a basic understanding of your policy in order to effectively deal with your insurance agent. In this question and answer format, we talk about some of the most commonly asked questions.

Remember, at Second Option Claims Services, we’ll take over the negotiations for you and deal directly with your insurance company in order to get you the best possible payout. Contact us today and let’s get working on your claim.