At Second Opinion Claims Services, our goal is to make life easier for people who have suffered a loss in their residential property or business. We do that by staying up to date on the latest in laws and guidelines that govern insurance claims. We handle many types of claims, and some of the services we offer are:

• Business Claims. Business owners who have suffered a loss sometimes deal with more than just damage to their property. They also deal with an inability to carry on their business. This results in a loss of income, and in some instances, even a loss of clientele. We’ll work with business owners to get the settlements that will allow them to rebuild their business, and be paid for the losses they suffer while they’re doing so.
• Condo Association Claims. When disaster strikes in a condo property, complications arise quickly. It will have to be determined which “owner”—the condo owner or property owner—is responsible for what damage. In addition, there are special laws that govern these types of claims. We can step in and manage the entire process for you and use our 30 years of experience to get the results you need.
• Developers and Contractors. When an insurance claim shuts down your project, both your finances and reputation can suffer. The goal is to get the project up and running as quickly as possible, but to do that, you’ll need an advocate who understands the law and knows how to work with the insurance companies. We can streamline the claims process for you so you can get back to your project within a reasonable time frame.
• Residential Claims. Nothing is more unsettling than having your home damaged and having to deal with an insurance company to try and get a fair settlement. Our experts at Second Opinion Claims Services will help you through the process of filing a claim, finding reliable contractors and negotiating a settlement that is not a penny less than it should be.

Get the Help You Need

Don’t try and work with the insurance company on your own. Our clients average 200 percent more in settlement money that those people who try to work out a claim themselves. In addition, we can take the burden of the process off of your shoulders and let you deal with putting your home or business back together. Call us now and let us tell you how we can not only make your easier, but also get you a settlement that is fair and right.