Why Choose Us?

Filing for an insurance claim is serious business, especially when it comes to your home. But the sad fact is that many people assume that all they have to do is file a claim with their insurance company, and they’ll be paid the amount of money that they’re owed.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works.

You see, an insurance company’s objective is to pay out as little as possible on their claims, and that includes yours. The reality is that in order for them to truly pay what’s fair on a claim, they need a little nudging. And that’s where we come in.


The first rule of negotiation is that you need to know your opponent. In the case of insurance claims, it’s necessary to understand the details of a policy before you enter into talks about a settlement. Unfortunately for most homeowners, policies are written in the language of the experts, and there are many things that people don’t understand about them. We make it our business to not only know the generalities about insurance policies, but when we go into negotiations on behalf of our clients, we know the details of their policy inside and out. That’s why we typically collect a full 200 percent more than the insurance companies originally offer.


When you’re trying to rebuild after a disaster, there are all sorts of professionals that will have to be involved in the process. But we’ve all heard the stories about contracting scammers who show up after a disaster and bilk unsuspecting homeowners out of thousands of dollars. That doesn’t happen to our clients because we are able to offer referrals to reputable professionals in your area that you can trust.


Not all PA firms are the same. In fact, many of them employ public adjusters that don’t have the proper licenses. At Second Opinion Claims Services, we make sure that our public adjusters are licensed and qualified to work on claims with expertise. It simply doesn’t make sense to trust your claim to someone who doesn’t have the proper qualifications.


There are some public adjusters who will charge you a fee, even if they can’t collect more for you on their claim. We simply refuse to do business like that. Our clients don’t pay us a dime unless we can collect for them. After all, you’re dealing with enough and we make it our goal to make this time in your life easier for you.


Our goal is make this process as easy as possible for our clients, and one way we do that is to strategically locate our offices where the need is greatest. That explains our recent decision to open a new office in New Jersey, as the residents there try to cope with the damage left behind by Sandy. We also plan to open offices soon in Georgia and Florida.

At Second Opinion Claims Services, we treat our clients with professionalism and compassion. The founders have over 30 years of combined experience, and will ensure that your settlement is as good as it can be. Call us now and let’s work on rebuilding your property.