Business Interruption

What is Business Interruption Claims Insurance?

When you suffer the inability to continue doing business because of a natural disaster, it can seriously impact your ability to maintain a profitable business. In fact, many people have simply had to close their doors because of such a scenario. After all, it’s impossible to continue to pay your bills when your revenue flow has come to an abrupt halt. That’s what business interruption insurance is for. It reimburses business owners for profits and utility expenses, as well as the costs associated with having to relocate their business. But like many types of policies, the process of reimbursement is complicated, and in order to get the amount of money that it will take to rebuild your business, you’ll need an advocate on your side who understands the process.

The Paperwork Can be Overwhelming

In a business interruption claim, the amount of paperwork required by the insurance company can be overwhelming. You’ll need to provide previous tax returns, your recent sales history, a record of current utility payments, loan payment documentation and an overview of your gross sales. In other words, the insurance company will want a well-documented history of your business’ financial picture so they can determine what to pay.

All of that can be overwhelming when you’re also trying to figure out how to relocate your business, communicate with clients and pay your operating expenses without an income. At Second Opinion Claims Services, we understand how important it is to work quickly with an insurance company to get your cash flow back where it needs to be. We’ll help you streamline the process so you can get your business up and running again.

Get the Settlement You Deserve

Many times, insurance companies make settlement offers that aren’t really what they should be. And unfortunately, many business owners are so desperate to get back to work that they accept these offers, potentially losing out on thousands of dollars. But we will analyze your policy and documentation and then determine exactly what you should be paid in the settlement. Then we’ll roll up our sleeves and enter negotiations with your insurance company, ensuring that you aren’t shorted the amount of money that you’re truly owed.

Call Us and Get Your Business Back

You’ve worked hard to build your business, and you shouldn’t have to lose it all because of an unexpected event. Give us a call, and we’ll talk to you about how we can help you in the process of claiming your business interruption insurance.