Georgia Public Adjuster

Georgia Public Adjuster

Have you suffered from property damage due to a Fire, Hurricane, Tornado or any type of natural disasters? Or maybe you have Water Damage, Mold Damage or have experienced a Theft or Vandalism to your Georgia property.

Whatever your situation Second Opinion Claims Services is a public adjusting company who is on the side of the Georgia consumers. We provide public adjusters in Georgia who will help you get a fair settlement on your claim and will help you through the process of dealing with your insurance company.

Maybe you have already dealt with your Georgia insurance company and they have provided you with an amount to settle your claim but you don’t feel like what is being offered to you is fair. This is when you should contact a Georgia Public Adjuster. We have been providing public adjusting services in Georgia for many years and know what to look for in event of a claim. We know how to maximize your recovery and get you the best settlement on your claim.

How can a Georgia Public Adjuster help with my claim?

–           Second Opinion Claims services in Georgia will help evaluate your policy. Different insurance companies in Georgia will define a claim differently based on that insurance company. We are well versed with the insurance language and will help evaluate your damages which will help us prepare a plan of action to take to your insurance company.

–          We will refer you to well respected Georgia contractors who will provide you with an honest estimate on your damages. Most Georgia insurance companies will have a list of contractors which they use in Georgia to provide you with an estimate, but most people don’t realize that these Georgia contractors are generally not there for your best interest but the interest of the insurance company.

–          We will negotiate with your Georgia Insurance company on your behalf. Generally when the insurance company provides you with an offer, the offer is usually well below the amount that should actually be paid to you.

Should I contact a Georgia Public Adjuster before or after I speak with my insurance company?

It’s best to contact a Georgia Public Adjuster before you have contacted your insurance company and you have a claim. In most cases this would help make getting your claim settlement faster. In any event we can always step in even after you have made a claim with your insurance company. To put it simple if you’re not happy or feel you’re being treated unfairly contact a public adjuster in Georgia who will go to bat for you. That’s what Second Opinion Claims Services is here for.

We have Public Adjusters in Georgia and nationwide who are qualified and prepared to help you through your entire claim process. If you’ve suffered a loss or damage to your Georgia property give Second Opinion Claims Services a call and see how we can help.

Georgia Public Adjusters who are on the consumers side!