Lightning Damage

Lightning Damage Claims Can Be Complicated to Settle

When lightning strikes, it can cause a lot of damage to homes and businesses. It does this in many ways, including:

• It can start a fire. Lightning is hot, in fact, it can reach temperatures of 50,000 farenheight—plenty hot enough to spark a fire in your home or business.
• It can destroy appliances. Just one lightning strike can wipe out all of the appliances in a home or business. That could mean a major inconvenience for homeowners and complete business disruption for a business.
• It can knock down trees and other large objects. Just because lightning strikes your neighbor’s home and misses yours, that doesn’t mean you won’t suffer damages. The strike could hit a tree which could fall on your roof, or knock down another object that could cause damage to your home or property.

Why Lightning Strike Claims are Complicated

Depending on your policy, your insurance company may not pay a claim if the strike occurred on your neighbor’s property, or if the electrical surge that fried all of your electronics occurred somewhere off of your property. In order to ensure that your claim is paid, you should consider hiring us to manage it. We can give you referrals to honest, reliable electricians who will need to evaluate exactly where the strike occurred and record the effects of it. In addition, you’ll need someone who understands the lingo of insurance policies so they can determine exactly what type of coverage you have, and what needs to be done in order to file a successful claim.

Our Clients Get Paid More

On average, the people who work with us at Second Opinion Claims Services receive about 200 percent more in settlement money than those who don’t. If getting a fair settlement is important to you, you should give us a call. We’ll talk about your claim and then take a look at your policy to see how we can increase the amount of money you receive. Our experts are waiting for your call.


Mark W., Miramar, FL.