Mold Damage

Why You Need an Expert for Mold Damage

Mold has received a lot of attention lately as experts are becoming more and more aware of the hazards it poses to humans. And because of this, insurance companies have changed the rules about mold damage coverage. If you’ve suffered mold damage from a storm, leak, plumbing problem or other cause, you’ll need to hire an advocate to help you deal with this dangerous problem.

Changes in Mold Policy Coverage

It used to be that mold was covered under regular property insurance, but now most people have to have a special policy to cover mold damage. That’s because it has been shown that mold has serious health effects on people, as well as the people whose job it is to clean it up. If you have suffered mold damage from a fire, flood, storm or plumbing leak, you’ll need an advocate on your side to fight for reimbursement.

Insurance Companies Typically Don’t Want to Pay for Mold

Even if someone has paid extra on their policy for mold damage coverage, many times the insurance companies will say that mold damage is excluded from their coverage. It will take an expert who not only understands the language of the policy, but also how mold damage occurs and the steps needed to remedy it. At Second Opinion Claims Services, we’ve been dealing with insurance companies for over 30 years, and understand how to review a policy to determine if you’re being dealt with fairly.

Let Us Help You With Mold Damage

Mold damage is serious, and you’ll need an expert by your side to deal with the mold, and the insurance company who may or not be willing to act fairly on a mold claim. We have the experience you can trust and the reputation that will make your insurance company sit up and take notice of your claim. Call us now and let’s get started.