We’ll Help With a Sinkhole Claim

If you’ve watched the news lately, then you know how many sinkholes have appeared lately. If you’ve experienced a sinkhole on your property, then you’ll need the services of our expert public adjusters at Second Opinion Claims Services. Because they’re not that common, people have a lot of questions about what causes sinkholes, and how to file a claim if one appears on their property.

What Causes a Sinkhole?

Although no one knows what causes all sinkholes, the most common reason that they develop is that the underground limestone is deteriorated by water. The holes are shaped like a funnel, and they can swallow anything that is sitting on top of it—including houses and other buildings. Some sinkholes are small enough to only be a minor inconvenience, while others may render a piece of property worthless.

How Do You Know if You Have One?

There are some signs to watch for if you suspect that you have a sinkhole on your property, or if you live in an area where they are common. They are:

• You have developed deep cracks in the interior or exterior of your home or business
• Your doors and windows have become difficult to open and close
• Your driveway has deep cracks and crevices in it
• A deep depression has developed in the area surrounding your home or business
• Noticeable amounts of sediment is in the water from your pipes

What to Do If You Suspect a Sinkhole

Because sinkholes can be so dangerous, it’s important to have your property evaluated if you suspect one. At Second Opinion Claims Services, we can help you find the professionals you need to do an evaluation on your property to determine whether or not there is sinkhole activity on it. If you do develop one, we’ll work with your insurance company to ensure that you are paid a fair settlement that will allow you to repair the damage and make your property safe again.

Let Us Help

Sinkholes can be scary, especially with the latest news about them swallowing cars, buildings and even people. Don’t let a sinkhole ruin your property’s value, but call us and let us help you get the answers you need. Our 30 years of experience will streamline the process of working with your insurance company, and our record of getting larger settlements for our clients will ensure that you have the money you need to fix the problem.