Supplemental Claims

Why You Need Help With Supplemental Claims

Once you settle an insurance claim, you hope that the process is over and you’ll never have to deal with it again. But the reality is that sometimes homeowners and business owners inadvertently file incomplete claims and that can result in lost monies that are needed in order to fully repair or replace the damage to your property. For instance, you may have filed a theft claim, but months later realize that another valuable was stolen that you simply hadn’t noticed. Or you may have filed a claim for water damage, not realizing the damage also occurred underneath your home and is now affecting your foundation. In both of these cases, you can file a supplemental claim and ask your insurance provider to pay you for the newly discovered loss or damage.

Documentation is Key

Your insurance company will require that you supply well documented proof if you file a supplemental claim. That includes receipts and photos or videos of the new damage or missing items. In addition, you should include detailed notes about the original claim, what additional damage you have discovered, and the details of the supplemental claim. In some instances, the insurance company’s own staff may have missed important things in offering you the original settlement, while other times, additional damage stems from the first damage and has just recently become visible.

Time is Limited

In most instances, you’ll have five years to file a supplemental claim to ask for additional compensation for losses or damages. At Second Opinion Claims Services, we will review your insurance policy and determine the specific requirements of your policy. Then, we’ll help streamline the process so that you will receive your additional compensation as soon as possible. Some policy holders have found that if they try to work with their insurance companies themselves, the process can take weeks, or even months.

Let Us Help

The public adjusters at Second Opinion Claims Services understand the intricacies of filing supplemental claims and can help you with the process. We have over 30 years of experience in dealing with insurance agencies and are experts at negotiation. We have a reputation of getting about 200 percent more in settlement monies for our clients. What’s more, if we don’t get you a settlement, we don’t get paid. We’re that confident in our ability to help you. Call us now and we’ll begin the process of getting you the money you’re owed.